Catholic CHESS (Children’s Home, Education & Social Support) Project strives to provide a home for young orphans and underprivileged boys and girls in Nigeria, from the time of their birth up to when they are ready to “go out into the world on their own” by which is meant when such a child is mature to face life alone – After the completion of secondary or tertiary education, or after the acquisition of some basic skills for those who opt for a vocational training program.

HOLY FAMILY Community (The First Children’s Home Under Catholic CHESS Project) Completed and Commissioned  in Uromi, Edo State Nigeria. 

It is the intention of the initiator, Fr. JohnBosco Ezehi, that Catholic CHESS project supplies the psychological and emotional needs a regular home gives to children, as well as provide education and other basic and social support that will enable the children to grow well and take on, in a mature manner, the responsibilities of life.