The story of our poultry is a long one. Some years ago we tried our hands on the poultry business to produce eggs for the home. But we could not maintain it because we did not quite understand it. What is more? The children were too young to handle it and we did not have enough personnel to handle the responsibility. Hence it folded up. However, recently some of the children in the home requested that we create a space for them to try their hand s on birds again. This group which is headed by Innocent and assisted by Ehiabhi is doing very well.

At the moment, they produce the chicken that is being consumed by the home. We have about three hundred Broilers and about two hundred Cockerels. And they wish to start a fresh set for consumption at Christmas. And so, we say Kudos! to them. The very interesting thing about our poultry is that every child of the home is now very interested and ready to learn. So all hands are on deck

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