These include:

  1. Children’s Learning And Support Partners (CLASP) program.

          CLASP a child by joining the






          The CLASP program is a special “adoption” program whereby a sponsor contributes towards the basic needs of a child on a fixed and regular basis. To this end, sponsoring a child is entering into some form of partnership with the Catholic CHESS Project. The sponsor’s contribution is directed towards the nutrition, education, clothing and health of the child(ren). After the third month of consistent payments, the sponsor is provided with and thereon continues to receive information about the particular child(ren) in whose life/lives the sponsor(s) is/are support partner(s)

  1. Children Under Special Needs And Care (CUSNAC) program.

          This program seeks to develop and focus on special support for the special children of the home. For this reason it has been referred to as the special child’s fund. This has become pertinent because “Special children” in terms of needs living in the home are bound to suffer the most if care is not taken on the provision of their needs.  What is more?  Only a very few people are willing to CLASP special children because of the burden of irregular demands. Therefore the home is continuously left with this extra-ordinarily heavy task of caring for them. Support from kind hearted persons and organizations in this regard will go a long way to relieve a large part of our financial responsibilities and to concentrate on improving regular child – care. Under the CUSNAC program, the sponsor will be contacted for extra provisions as the needs arise.

  1. Field Officers & Coordinators Training (FOCOT) program.

          This program basically refers to a special a fund to support all of Catholic CHESS’ social welfare and field officers to further their professional training or study in child – care, nursing, rehabilitation and other kinds of special education.

  1. Father Ezehi Children Education Fund (FECEF)

          FECEF (Father Ezehi Children Education Fund) is an effort to consider and give opportunity to truly needy children of primary age range (approximately from infancy up to 12 years of age) the privilege of nursery and primary education. It is hoped that with the ability to read, write and know simple math, these children will have a little help in getting started in life. Under FECEF also, vocations is promoted especially in the sponsorship (tuition) for youngsters who are interested in the priesthood and religious life.


You can help Catholic CHESS Project by sending/donating any or some of the following:

Food, Clothing, Shoes, Towels, Blankets, Beds, Mattresses, Study Books, Stationery, Sports Supplies, Monthly Sponsorship and Personal Monetary Donations (including wills and Royalties).

Send your donations to:

Catholic CHESS Project

3506 South Knoxville Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74135, USA


Catholic CHESS Project

1 Ezehi Avenue, Efandion Quarters, Off New Agbor Road,

P.O. Box 460, Uromi, Edo State, NIGERIA

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