Since the entry of the minor seminary by JohnPaul and his two friends in the home. The subject of “seminary-school” as the children call it is one that had been seriously discussed and debated among the children. Many of them (boys and girls) who have expressed their desire to go to seminary school to become priests and sisters are actually too young. However, one of those who has been challenged to do so is JohnPaul’s own classmate, Godstime, who has been in Holy Family Academy secondary school Junior Secondary One going to class two. And as he continues to bother Fr. JohnBosco with this
desire, he was finally asked to get ready and consequently sent to the seminary alongside John Paul and his two friends. He too was approved by the seminary authority to continue with Junior secondary class two and thus continue in the same class as JohnPaul and Mass server – friends. So all together, we have
a total of four boys in the minor seminary – two from CHESS and two from the neighbourhood.
However, they are all studying under the auspices of Catholic CHESS Project.

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