Dear Friend, I cannot think of a better way to communicate this message to you than to invite you to pause for a while and reflect on something with me. Suppose there was a sudden tragedy that brings your life to an end today and things turn out that somehow someone embezzles your savings and times become so hard that your child, grandchild, niece or nephew is forcefully placed in a charity home for children. new photo of JB
How would you expect that home to look after him? What facilities do you expect to find there? I am sure you would certainly love to see a child that sprouts from your loins enjoy the basic necessities of life – from nutritious meals to basic education and other social amenities. Your heart would certainly ache if you saw that child of yours suffering from malnutrition and other deficiencies or having no home to call his own, no one to care for him, no water to drink, etc.
Your soul would cry to heaven, like that of Abel, to win God’s favour for the child. This is my calling; to ensure as far as possible that this child does not suffer. Do not be too quick to say “I’m lucky that mine is not there today”, for life is full of vicissitudes. And as children of God, we are each called to support the other. Let us help to raise the young and “voiceless” children of today. I call on you to give us your support to create a home for young orphans and underprivileged children in Nigeria.

God Bless!

Rev. Fr. Dr. JohnBosco O. Ezehi,

Director, Catholic CHESS Project

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