jb1Dearly Beloved Sponsors and Supporters,

I thank God Almighty for keeping us alive to do the job of providing and caring for his children. I am very grateful to Him also for all of you and for your continued support and goodwill towards us all at Catholic CHESS Project. For this reason, we pray for you every day.  Words are inadequate to express our sincere gratitude. However we have nothing else at our disposal but the same words alone. We certainly cannot pay you back. But we ask the Good LORD for whose sake you have been kind to us to reward you with eternal life.

We thank our officers in the US – Lindsay Briggs (US Coordinator for Catholic CHESS Project) and Deacon Larry Niekamp (Our Book Keeper) and his wife Norma for their reliability. They have as a team done beautifully well to further the activity of Catholic CHESS project in the United States.

I thank also Mrs Susan Weems who did not leave Catholic CHESS completely. From the background she still ensures that all goes well. On this my 2016 summer trip to the US I visited her in Tulsa Oklahoma before heading for California. I was so glad to meet her in good condition of health. We continue to pray that the Good Lord strengthens her, Amen. 

The past few months recorded a few developments in the home in Nigeria – anging for new intakes to celebrations in the Home, progress I studies and even the exit of some grown up children. Obviously a lot more took place but the few reported are to let you have just a glimpse of how we fare back home in Nigeria

jb3As may be noticed
in several parts of the world, things are becoming more and more expensive in Nigeria. And we rely on the continued financial support of you all to make our ends meet. We also need your prayer for God’s continued guidance of us all even as we do the same for you.

Once again, I thank you all and ask the Good Lord to continue to bless you, Amen

Fr. JohnBosco Ezehi

Director, Catholic CHESS Project

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